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Choose us! Promote more and spend less!
Choose us! Promote more and spend less!

Sample and Proofs

 We are happy to offer you samples to help with your purchase decision. Here’s how it works:

• We will provide samples to our registered, qualified customers at our discretion.
• Once you become a customer, you can expect an increasingly lenient sample policy.
• We reserve the right to refuse free samples to any party at our discretion.

eProof – Free with Every Order

Our expertly trained artists will prepare an electronic proof of your artwork, and even make recommendations if you would like assistance. These eProofs can be emailed to you for your review and are typically sent along with your Order Acknowledgment.

Pre-production Proofs

We can actually produce an actual proof of your item with your imprint prior to running your entire order. We recommend this on all orders where time permits. Pre-production proofs typically incur an additional charge of approximately $50.00, plus the price of the item, screens and setups and can add 5-10 days to the order process as the factory needs to set up to run just one item. Please let your Promotions Specialist know if you would like a Pre-production proof.